Neural Networks

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Learn how to trade by making use of Neural Networks

Recently there has been a lot of buzz around Neural Networks in the trading markets. Packed with extremely powerful computing ability and bandwidth neural networks have the potential to allow systems used in trading evolve and learn in real time. Let’s take a brief look at neural networks.

Definition of Neural Network

It is simply defined as a computation model that imitates the way the human brain functions by computing extremely large amounts of data entered into the network to predict the possible outcome.

In technical terms, neural networks used in trading are usually data analysis protocols containing a very large amount of processing modules all intertwined through estimated probabilities.

It can be used in machine learning and pattern recognition which is naturally adaptive. When used in the right way, neutral networks learn by examining the results from previous steps.

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Technical analysis in Forex trading

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Involves the review of previous prices in order to be able to predict future prices. Technical analyst concentrate only on the exchange rate between two currencies, because they are of the opinion that it represents the true state of the market at any point in time. Price chats are used to arrange price fluctuation into patterns that can easily be recognized. Candlestick represents the fundamental price pattern which often used for technical analysis. A single candlestick represents a summary of all trading decisions by all forex traders during the period the candlestick was being developed. There are different reasons that guide the decisions taken during the formation of a candlestick, however, what is of paramount importance is that the net outcome is recorded in an open, close, high and low of a candlestick.

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