Copy Trading

Given that individualised AI-based algo trading has become the globally-accepted trading system of choice for high volume, large transactions, it is no surprise that our Copy Trading offering is highly popular with our private, non-institutional clients. The AI components of the BLACKALGO systems identify the most profitable trading signals, which our private clients can then copy. Optimised for lightning-quick, automated and efficient trading performance, BLACKALGO makes copy trading a simple, secure and convenient way to harness the power of AI, making Forex trading easier than ever.

Simple 2-step Process to Greater Copy Trading Profits

All traders want to improve their trading performance, but BLACKALGO offers much more than just a copy trading platform. The work of our experienced traders and AI specialists strengthens your own collaborative community of investors and traders. Enhancing your Forex trading performance enhances your reputation in the financial world, as well as your returns. BLACKALGO will guide you through the simple 2-step process to get started immediately and take care of all the logistical details on your behalf.

  • Risk management
  • Full automation
  • Intelligent and secure
  • Smart Forex trading
  • Low leverage (1:10)
  • Low frequency
  • No martingale, no hedging, no grid
  • A Stop-Loss to all trades
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Leveraging AI Trading Expertise for Greater Returns

BLACKALGO will provide optimum solutions from top-performing AI algorithms which you can simply replicate for your portfolio. This is a stress-free solution across the board of all trading abilities and experience levels, as we handle all of the logistical details for you.

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