Tailored Trading Solutions

Individually-tailored & branded trading systems to meet YOUR objectives

You know best what your specific objectives are and how your clients perceive you. Our expertise in creating and refining AI-trading algorithms is also offered as a bespoke solution to corporate clients, tailored to meet your desired outcomes via automated trading strategies. We provide complete and robust AI-based trading systems to Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Family Offices, with your own branding.

When you talk to us to find out more about the value of having your own unique, branded AI trading system, you will be dealing with traders and technical experts with 20 years of experience in the European and global markets. We understand your needs and work closely with you to provide solutions that will play a pivotal role in increasing productivity and efficiency.

Cost-efficient Solutions

Great solutions, low prices

The trading and technical expertise of the BLACKALGO team enables us to identify the biggest cost-causing inefficiencies within your trading process. We are then able eliminate these issues by inserting the most appropriate solutions to ensure greater returns. We provide our clients with tailored trade finance solutions that suit the requirements of every business. With our standalone AI tools, you have a best-in-class, bespoke solution that is tailored specifically to your business needs.

Seamless Corporate Trading

Intuitive and efficient

BLACKALGO builds custom data analytics and offers quantitative pricing and decision-making tools that blend into your existing systems. We aim to ensure that your trade management operates in a smooth, intuitive, stress-free way. Our tailored solutions are based on understanding your exact needs and therefore provide maximum efficiency and returns to ensure that your business is recognised for providing high-end products and services.