Who we are

Who we are
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Artificial Intelligence Experts

We are an international main proprietor of the smartest trading algorithms that conveys beneficial exchanging computerized methodologies for our clients. Since our establishing in 2005, we have set the standard by giving efficient financial algorithms to our clients, watching strategies and continuing to pay special mind to higher methods to serve you and in consequence make smart and well-timed investment decisions.

Our experts in each one of our innovative work, Data Science, Analytics, and Development offices are committed to giving the first-class to our clients while keeping up the greatest amount of ethical lead and straightforwardness. We offer not just the smartest trading algorithm in the market however with regards to our client’s privacy, we are the most secure.

We lead the go in the market, constantly investing in research and improvement and growing new worthwhile trading algorithms. Our very much planned and secure frameworks offer a lucrative and linear performance on distinctive instruments since 2005. We esteem our reputation that is the reason we construct our frameworks in light of the pivotal guidelines of specialized evaluation which direct market activities and are utilized by assets and money directors around the world. When you choose us, you choose an agency dedicated to giving fantastic trading algorithms service.


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BlackALGO may not be held responsible for the financial or other consequences that may follow the subscription to or acquisition of such products. Investors should conduct their own analyses of the risks involved and where necessary must consult their own legal, financial, tax, accounting or other professional advisers before committing themselves.

The simulations presented in this website result from estimations at a given time, on the basis of parameters selected by BlackALGO, and can in no way be considered as a guarantee of future performance. Furthermore, BlackALGO may not be held responsible for any errors contained in the data.

BlackALGO is NOT an asset management company.