About us

Established since 2005 as a provider of smart Forex trading systems, BLACKALGO AI makes it simple to execute trades at the optimal price point, with greater accuracy and stronger risk mitigation protocols to provide higher profits.

Crucially, we do not employ salespeople - it is only experienced traders with technical acumen in AI-based trading systems that deal with our clients, as it means we truly understand your needs, interests and challenges.

We are therefore here to support you in offering a stronger trading performance to your clients by providing an AI-based trading system that applies greater trading strategies and sharper risk management features, that are proven to grow profitability.

Our vertically coordinated structure empowers us to guarantee the most robust algorithm development for financial markets, while providing a smooth trading experience with full customer support at all times.

About YOU

We can tailor algos and strategies to your exact specifications, brand them as yours and continue to support you in the background with real-time updates according to market conditions and your needs.


As a starting point, we ask 11 basic questions that help us to understand your needs and how trading performance can be enhanced through our AI systems. After meeting with you, we work together with our clients to deliver best-in-class services, including the bespoke tailoring of algorithmic trading systems, to Family Offices, Asset Managers and Hedge Funds.

Company Road Map and Our Prospering History



Blackalgo won the AI Worldwide Finance Awards "Most Innovative Financial Markets Al-Backed Forex Trading Solution 2022

BLACKALGO in the Middle East

BLACKALGO brings tried, tested and trusted AI-based, automated trading solutions for Forex, to Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and other financial stakeholders in the Gulf Region.



created in the UK

BLACKALGO was incorporated in London, England, with experienced AI trading & software Entrepreneur and industry spokesperson, Olivier Becquet, appointed as CEO.


BLACKALGO won the Wealth & Finance International ‘Leading Innovators in Automated Financial Trading Solutions 2019’ Award.



10 years!

BLACKALGO marked its 10th anniversary as a leading AI trading solution.

100 strategies created

By this time, we had created 100 intelligent strategies that clients were using successfully in European markets.



First market introduction

After investing three years of refining development and testing, the first BLACKALGO AI trading systems were introduced in the market.

BLACKALGO incorporation

BLACKALGO was incorporated in the US with the mission of offering the market a solution to eliminate the common mistakes of discretionary trading, and replace them with up-to-the-minute, current, finely tuned AI-based trade executions.


The Differentiator in Our Team

What sets us apart is that we do not employ sales people. Our team comprises only seasoned trading and technical experts. When we advise new clients, it is from a perspective of deep understanding of your needs, combined with the knowledge of what is possible in terms of profits and timeframes. Our experts are therefore genuinely in a position to add transformative value to your business productivity.

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