by Olivier Becquet

With over 13 years
experience providing
profitable solutions.

Asset managers - Family offices - Hedge Funds - HNWI

We reinvented asset management. We make it simple for professionals.

We provide asset managers, family offices, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals tailored and unique portfolios to their clients needs. Dedicated solutions amongst 50+ robust strategies based on Forex, Indices and Metals markets.

At Blackalgo, our composed and stable frameworks offer a profitable and straight execution on varieties of tools thereby beating off other competitors with a more accurate service delivery. Since our trading strategies need to contend with a great many rivals in the market regular, consequently we enlist the most brilliant, and those with solid track records of passion in their work.

We endeavour to guarantee that there will be no issues in your way, and in the improbable case that there are, we attempt to make these vanish without delay. Our activity is to serve you and we plan on doing that in the most outstanding way.

Our experts are highly skilled in conveying IP valuations and can inform on all viewpoints with respect to esteeming protected innovation and IP law.

With decades of experience in building and analyzing real-world trading systems and market structure and its effect on trading results, we have developed sophisticated and faster trading algorithms that augment the financial market quality by increasing trading share volumes and market efficiency so that it can contribute to the profitability of market investors.

What we Offer

Our vertically coordinated structure empowers us to attend to your needs with our experience guaranteeing  the most noteworthy and durable quality when it comes to developing algorithms for financial markets, Our services – tailor portfolio creation, dedicated support, lifetime updates, installation/setup of the systems, access to new strategies and lot more.

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About Blackalgo

Blackalgo is a leading owner of the smartest trading algorithms that delivers profitable trading automated strategies for our clients –from large financial markets: Forex, indices and metals, HNWI (high network individuals), hedge funds, to asset managers, family and offices.

More than quite a few years, we’ve met client’s high expectations. We’ve discovered answers. We’ve attempted to be responsive. We’ve discovered better approaches to expand upon the quality we convey. Also, we continue searching for better approaches to serve you—and the networks in which you live and work. With us you ultimately make intelligent, well-timed investment decisions.

Why Choose Us?


We value our reputation that is why we base our systems on the crucial rules of technical analysis which dictate market actions and are used by means of funds and cash managers around the globe. When you work with us, you work with an organization focused on giving the best financial algorithms benefit.


Our well designed and secure systems offer a lucrative and linear performance on distinctive instruments since 2005, with a proper risk management.


We lead the go in the market, constantly investing in research and development and developing new worthwhile trading strategies.


Employees in each of our research and development, Operations, Analytics, and Marketing departments are dedicated to providing the best products and support to our clients, while maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct and transparency.

Diversification & Risk Reduction

The risk is divided amongst 20 to 30 algorithms, running 24/5 on multiple currencies, indexes and commodities, with various approaches, targets and management.


We offer not only the most efficient trading algorithms in the market but when it comes to investor privacy, we are also the most secure.


Mindful: We make the best decision.

Deferential: We respect the strength in our differences.

Ingenious: We innovatively give answers.